Lunes, Enero 9, 2012

Interesting Spots of Paraty

Pousadas Em Paraty
The peaceful and serene atmosphere in Paraty from the beautiful beaches and green wild mountains that offer an out of the ordinary scenic views are the ones that this city should be proud of. The impressive part of the city is closed to motor vehicles offering a stunning place to walk around the paved streets including the old architectural designs of the buildings. The citizens preserved the old building’s architectural design even though it’s aged yet it gives style and beauty that blends the colorful town of Paraty. The local government has renowned this city as a National Historic Site.

Every summer vacation, local and international tourists take pleasure in the songs and dances that can be heard near the beautiful white sand beaches of Paraty and you can also hear it when you stay in Pousadas Em Paraty which is perfect accommodation for family or friends. Artists and writers from other places of the world have fallen in love with the cultures and traditions in Paraty including the fashion, tastes and its natural beauty. As a result, Paraty became multi-ethnic atmosphere that captivate the hearts of the travelers who come here again and again.

Paraty has a lot of beautiful beaches with interesting spots to visit and you have a lot of options to choose among any of them:

  • Capela de Nossa Senhora Das Dores – it is a small white church that stands in front of beautiful beach. Behind the church have an attention-grabbing cemetery and the church only opens once in a while.
  • Casa da Cultura – it is a museum that records the great introduction of the historical pasts of Paraty and it uses both languages, Portuguese and English words. Inside the museum you can find the exhibits that feature the statements of the local citizens that lived from the past times of Paraty.
  • The Casa de Artista e Centro de Artes e Tradições Populares de Paraty – it is a museum and gallery of fishing and baskets exhibits. You can buy handicrafts souvenirs here that are made by the local citizens of Paraty.
  • Forte Defensor Perpetuo – it is a fort that is situated on the Morro da Vila Velha which is a walking distance going north in around 20 minutes arrival and it also gives a scenic view of the bay. If you want to know more the history of this place, you should go to the arts center near to the Fort.
  • Igreja Nossa Senhora Do Rosario – it is also another church that was built by slaves during 1725 with wood carving designs. Underground of this church hides an old burial ground and this was once a Paraty’s black parish church a long time ago.
  • Matriz Nossa Senhora Dos Remedios – a church made of stone that faces the abundant place of Praca de Matriz.

To know more of the history of these places mentioned above, you should try to visit and stay in Pousadas Em Paraty where the staffs are friendly and able to assist you by giving information of the city of Paraty, advices and offer you the best accommodation services that you should not forget while staying in Paraty.

Martes, Nobyembre 29, 2011

Basilica and the Cartago Ruins

Costa Rica is one of the best places to travel if you want to embrace nature. The place looks like a paradise where you can easily see full of howler monkeys and toucans everywhere. Although it’s a small country but more and more tourists every year visit to this peaceful sanctuary place.

Travelers usually visit Costa Rica where they can surf the giant waves and feel the hot sand of the beaches, hike the highest peak, snorkel the deepest sea and explore that wonders and beauty of nature and most especially catch a glimpse of the wildlife scene in the jungle.

Aside from the wonders of nature in Costa Rica, there are also places that catch the attention of many travelers like Basílica de Nuestra Señora de los Ángeles (Church of Our Lady of the Angels) and the ruins of the Cathedral of Cartago. In the Basílica de Nuestra Señora de los Ángeles, it is considered to be the most religious spot of Costa Rica and more travelers come in Basílica during noon mass where the sun gives more beauty of basilica with its sun ray making the stained-glasses shimmer. The Basílica covers a lot of history from the past which makes it to become one of the most famous spot in Costa Rica.

The other interesting spot that tourists don’t want to miss visiting in Costa Rica is the ruins of the Cathedral of Cartago which have been declared as a national monument. The ruins have been rebuilt five times already due to earthquakes yet still it becomes the center of attraction of the town.

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The location of this Pousadas Em Paraty (San Francisco Hostel & Lodge) is an ideal place to stay where you can easily access the two famous tourist attractions I’ve mentioned earlier which are Basílica de Nuestra Señora de los Ángeles and the ruins of the Cathedral of Cartago. You can take a taxi or bus around when you want to go to the other place and explore more about the city. Not only those two interesting spots can you only visit. You can also access the City of Paraiso, Lankester Botanical Gardens and Irazu Volcano National Park.

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